AOFE mission statement

AOFE is a charity foundation established in 2015 with the aim to promote and improve quality of osseointegration treatment for people with extremity amputation in Europe. The AOFE supports and audits medical centers in Europe that are specialized in osseointegration surgery and rehabilitation. These so called AOFE clinics have approved high quality standards for amputee osseointegration surgery and rehabilitation. AOFE clinics have at least 30 osseointegration treatments per year and surgeons and rehabilitation professionals are certified according to the AOFE quality standards.

Presently, there has been limited awareness of the osseointegration technique amongst medical and amputee societies in Europe, with few doctors and amputees being familiar with the technique. Osseointegration has the potential to significantly improve the gait and quality of life, but information about osseointegration is difficult to obtain. Increased awareness of the technique in Europe is crucial.

The AOFE board members are osseointegration patients or volunteers with involvement in the osseointegration treatment. The AOFE has ambassadors in many European countries and these AOFE ambassadors support the promotion of osseointegration in the local/national amputee communities by organizing meetings. AOFE will help to improve the quality of treatment by establishing osseointegration care pathways, osseointegration quality certificates.

AOFE board 2020 / 2021:

  • Mr. Maikel Beerens, Chair
  • Mr. Barry van Boekel, Secretary
  • Mrs. Dicky de Best, Treasurer